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Lights Off. Green On!!!


In December 2012, the Department of Education (now Education and Early Childhood Development) announced a $34 million energy retrofit program for the former Halifax Regional School Board as part of the province's new capital plan.

The program, to be implemented over multiple years, would see upgrades in approximately 90 schools that include natural gas boilers, improved lighting systems, and new meter systems to monitor energy usage.

When fully implemented, these upgrades would save about $2.3 million each year in energy and maintenance costs and reduce the region's greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent — an amount equal to taking 1,500 cars off the road or saving 36,000 trees.

Click here to read the news release.

Lights off. Green on!!!

A key component of an energy-savings campaign is consumer awareness. To build awareness for this program, a region-wide logo contest was initiated among students. A grade 5/6 class at Duc d'Anville Elementary were the winning entry with their slogan and logo, Lights off. Green on!!! Click on the logo below to watch our Lights off. Green on!!! video.


Click here to view a spreadsheet of projects.

Energy Dashboards

As part of the ongoing Lights off. Green on!!! energy initiative, energy dashboards are being installed in schools to provide real-time water and energy consumption data.

Click here to learn more about energy dashboards and view data for participating schools.