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Fundraising in a Health Promoting School

The Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools includes the following directive:

Fundraising with food and beverages organized by and through schools will centre only on items of Maximum or Moderate Nutrition (i.e. healthy items). This includes all school fundraising activities (e.g., campaigns, canteens, vending machines, and all sales during the day, after school and evenings).

Why Fundraise with Non-food or Healthy Food and Beverages?

It provides an opportunity to support nutrition messages taught in the classroom, home, and broader community.  It also allows schools to show their commitment to promoting healthy living while addressing their financial needs. 

Healthy Fundraising Resources

Fundraising with Healthy Food and Beverages: A Guide for Nova Scotia Public Schools: this guide includes five sections: General Tips and Advice for Fundraising, Healthy food and Beverages of Maximum and Moderate Nutrition, Ideas for Fundraising for Healthy Food and Beverages, Fundraising Companies and Websites & Resources

For more information or support, please contact, Kelly Sherwood, HRCE School Nutritionist, or (902) 464-2000 x2180.