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Student Services

Student Services is a network of interconnected resources supporting students, families and staff in maximizing student success. Specialized support personnel are available within individual schools and regional teams, guided by the Special Education Policies of the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. A Student Services Facilitator is assigned to support the schools in each Administrative Unit.


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Parent Navigator

Do you have questions about supports available for your child? Are you wondering where to turn? HRCE's Parent Navigator is here to help you find and access services available in education, justice, health, community services and more. For more information, click here


The School Psychologist supports the school team by providing knowledge and skills in the areas of assessment, counselling and consultation in relation to curriculum and social outcomes for students. Each school has access to this service on an itinerant basis. Referral for this service must be made through the school planning team.

Speech and language

The Speech-Language Pathologist supports the school team by providing knowledge and skills in the area of communication development, and assisting students with speech and language disorders in meeting curriculum and social outcomes. Each school has access to this service on an itinerant basis. Referral for this service must be made through the School Planning Team. For more information, click here.


The Autism Specialists on the HRCE Autism Team work collaboratively with school-based staff and other professionals to support programming for students diagnosed with ASD in a way that maximizes student learning experiences.  Autism Specialists support Program Planning Teams in the areas of curricular assessment, programming, teaching strategies and transitions for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Professional development is provided to school staff on an ongoing basis. Early transition support is provided to all students with an ASD diagnosis who enter HRCE schools during their primary year.


There are students in our schools who exhibit significant behaviour difficulties and are in need of specialized assessment and intervention. Initiation of service is with the school planning team, who may decide to refer to the school psychologist. If the school planning team and school psychologist determine that more extensive intervention is required, a referral may be made to the Behaviour Specialist.

Assistive Technology

All individuals use strategies and devices to assist them in performing tasks more efficiently and effectively on various occasions. Students with diverse disabilities may need a range of assistive technologies in order to participate more fully in daily activities and to meet learning outcomes.

Resource and Learning Centre

Programming and services provided by Resource and Learning Centre teachers are intended to assist students in achieving the learning outcomes of the PSP curriculum or, in the case of students with an IPP their individualized outcomes. Collaboration is critical to ensuring the essential relationship between support and outcomes. This is facilitated through the participation of both the specialist teachers and classroom teachers in the program planning process.

Social Work

As a member of the school team the Social Worker collaborates with school staff in responding to the needs of students who may be experiencing personal, family, or social difficulties. Social Workers are employed by the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and provide services to some schools. In other schools, the services of Social Workers in community agencies are requested as needed. For more information, click here.

Learning Disabilities

Students with learning disabilities may experience difficulties with the acquisition, organization, retention, understanding or use of verbal or nonverbal information. In the Halifax Regional Centre for Education these students may receive support from classroom teachers, Resource teachers, Learning Centre teachers, and/or Severe Learning Disabilities Itinerant teachers. To learn more about learning disabilities, click here.


Guidance Counsellors with Halifax Regional Centre for Education are responsible for coordination of the guidance program within the school and community, focusing on preventative and responsive programs and services. These programs and services are principally concerned with the personal, social, educational and career needs of all students, placing priority on what is in the student's best interest.


SchoolsPlus is Nova Scotia's collaborative interagency approach to educating the whole child and family. As a component of the Our Kids are Worth It: Strategy for Children and Youth, SchoolsPlus is a direct response to Commissioner Nunn's recommendation of the need for improved co-ordination and collaboration in the delivery of services for children, youth and families. For more information, click here.