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Feeder Schools

The lists on each of the Family Pages is meant to describe the general progression of a student who attends the schools in a given area. The term used in our system is "feeder schools". In other words, it describes which Elementary school feeds into which Junior High school and then in turn into which Senior High school.

In the case of French Immersion, if schools are listed at all three levels (elementary, junior high & senior high), then the type of Immersion is EARLY. If the schools are only listed at two levels (junior high & senior high), then the type of Immersion is LATE. If there is no family of schools listed, or a particular school not listed, it is because there is NO IMMERSION at that school. A list of French Immersion programs is included at the bottom of this page. Simply click on each Family of Schools listed to see which feeder schools offer immersion.

NOTE #1:

The HRCE policy and procedures dealing with feeder schools and boundaries is Policy B.003 - Student Registration Policy.

If you are looking for a list of schools by Family of Schools with respect to school and/or bus cancellations, then please click here.

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