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International Students

HRCE Welcomes the World

International services is looking for families to host students from other countries. To learn more click here.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education welcomes students from other countries who wish to attend school in Nova Scotia.  We offer an excellent academic environment, as well as extra-curricular activities at all levels.
International students, who wish to attend school while living with a relative in Canada must have a legal guardian who is a Canadian citizen. The exception would be the student who is living with a parent while attending school.
All foreign students must have proof of health insurance before the child will be permitted to attend school.

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Newcomers' Guide to the Nova Scotia Schools

The Newcomers' Guide to the Nova Scotia Schools was developed to help newcomer families understand the P-12 public school system. The guide provides an overview of school policies, procedures and expectations including strategies for you to help with your child's learning. You can download the guide from the following link:

Category I

  • Children of parents/guardians holding a Work Permit. No tuition is charged for these students with the exception of Open Work Permits. In the case of an Open Work Permit, the permit holder must provide a letter of employment stating they are gainfully employed within the Province of Nova Scotia.
  • Children of parents/guardians who are in the country on a Study Permit and who are attending a publicly-funded education institute on a full time basis working towards a degree or diploma. No tuition is charged for these students.

How to Apply

A copy of the parent's/guardian's Work Permit or the parent's/guardian's Study Permit, including proof of relationship with the child should be sent to the office listed below. If the parent is divorced, a copy of the custodial papers must be provided.

A Letter of Acceptance, accepting the child as a student with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education will be sent once all paper work is completed.

Category II

  • Students who do not have Canadian citizenship and who come to live with a relative/friend to attend school in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education must pay tuition of $9,000 CDN.
  • Students who do not have Canadian citizenship and who will be living with a parent/guardian on a Visitor's Visa are required to pay tuition of $9,000 CDN.

How to Apply

All funds are in Canadian (CDN) dollars. Make all cheques or money orders out to Halifax Regional Centre for Education (formerly the Halifax Regional School Board). Cash is not accepted.

  • Fill out the attached forms
  • Send the forms plus the application fee of $200, which is non-refundable, to the Halifax Regional Centre for Education (see address below)
  • Include a copy of the birth certificate translated into English
  • Include a copy of school records/transcripts translated into English
  • When the student is accepted by the International Services department, you will pay the tuition fee of $9,000
  • A Letter of Acceptance will be sent to you, which you will take or send to the Embassy or Immigration Canada
  • You will be issued a Student Authorization. This is vital if you wish to enroll the student
  • If you wish to have the student in our insurance plan it will cost $85 (CDN) a month. It is through Blue Cross.
  • If you need further information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us. An appointment is necessary should a visit to our office be required. Please contact Judy Filshie at 902-464-2000 ext. 2541.
  • Fill out the form linked below:

    Application link

Category III

The following categories do not need to go through this office but you will be asked for papers as you enroll your child in school. No tuition will be applied.

  • Permanent Resident or Landed Immigrant Status
  • Refugee
  • Convention Refugee

Send application and documents to:

Halifax Regional Centre for Education
(Attention: Kelly Pitre and Judy Filshie)
33 Spectacle Lake Drive, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B3B 1X7

Judy Filshie
Phone: +1 (902) 464-2000 ext. 2548
Fax: +1 (902) 484-6126

Kelly Pitre

Nova Scotia International Student Program

Students interested in our homestay program should visit the Nova Scotia International Student Program website (link) or contact them by email at

Wire Transfer and EFT Information

(Effective September 20, 2016)

Receiving Bank Information
CIBC, Main Office
1809 Barrington Street, 15th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3J 3A3
Telephone: (888) 947-6643

Account Information
Name: Halifax Regional Centre for Education
Institution: 010
Transit: 00003
Account: 8217319
CC Code: 001000003

To ensure that your payment is credited to your account please notify both of the following, once payment has been made:

Judy Filshie
Email:; Phone (902) 464-2000 ext. 2541; Fax (902) 484-6126

Kim Mosher
Email:; Phone: (902) 464-2000 ext. 2490; Fax: (902) 464-2238

It is extremely important the NAME OF THE STUDENT also be included on any bank transactions along with an email notification and details of each transfer sent to: .