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Early French Immersion

French Immersion Programs are offered in designated areas of eligibility of the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and take place at specific French Immersion school sites. The entry point to the Early French Immersion program is at the Primary level. If you reside in the catchment area of any of the following neighbourhood schools, your child is eligible for the Early French Immersion program. Parents/guardians of students residing outside the areas of eligibility may seek placement for their child in an Early French Immersion program through the Out-of-Area Request process.

Students who live in an area of eligibility for Early French Immersion will register at the French Immersion designated school that serves their neighborhood. Please note the designated French Immersion school site may not be the neighborhood school. For example, if you live in the Admiral Westphal catchment area, the program is offered at Shannon Park School. Below is the list of schools whose catchment areas make students eligible for the Early French Immersion program.

Neighbourhood School / Elementary French Immersion School (in brackets)

Admiral Westphal   (Shannon Park)
Alderney  (Shannon Park)
Ash Lee Jefferson   (Ash Lee Jefferson)
Astral Drive   (Astral Drive)
Basinview   (Sunnyside)
Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Jr. Elem  (Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Jr. Elem)
Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Sr. Elem  (Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Sr. Elem)
Bel Ayr   (Shannon Park)
Bell Park   (Bell Park)
Bicentennial   (Shannon Park)
Brookhouse   (Shannon Park)
Burton Ettinger   (Burton Ettinger)
Caldwell Road   (Astral Drive)
Caudle Park   (Cavalier Drive)
Cavalier Drive   (Cavalier Drive)
Central Spryfield   (John W. MacLeod)
Chebucto Heights   (Chebucto Heights)
Crichton Park   (Shannon Park)
Dartmouth South Academy  (Shannon Park)
Duc d' Anville   (Burton Ettinger)
Elizabeth Sutherland   (Chebucto Heights)
Fairview Heights   (Burton Ettinger)
Grosvenor Wentworth   (Grosvenor Wentworth)
Hammonds Plains   (Hammonds Plains)
Harbour View   (Shannon Park)
Hawthorn   (Shannon Park)
Hillside Park   (Cavalier Drive)
Horizon (Horizon: P-3)   (Seaside: 4-5)
Ian Forsyth   (Shannon Park)
Inglis Street   (LeMarchant-St.Thomas)
John MacNeil   (Shannon Park)
John W. MacLeod   (John W. MacLeod)
Joseph Howe   (St. Joseph's-A. McKay)
Kingswood Elementary   (Kingswood Elementary)
LeMarchant-St.Thomas   (LeMarchant-St.Thomas)
Michael Wallace   (Shannon Park)
Mount Edward   (Shannon Park)
Oceanview   (Tallahassee: P-3)   (Seaside: 4-5)
Oxford   (St. Catherine's)
Park West   (Rockingham)
Portland Estates   (Shannon Park)
Rockingham   (Rockingham)
Rockingstone Heights   (Chebucto Heights)
Shannon Park   (Shannon Park)
Sir Charles Tupper   (LeMarchant-St.Thomas)
Smokey Drive   (Cavalier Drive)
South Woodside   (Shannon Park)
Springvale   (St. Catherine's)
St. Catherine's   (St. Catherine's)
St. Joseph's-A. McKay   (St. Joseph's-A. McKay)
Saint Mary's   (LeMarchant-St.Thomas)
St. Stephen's   (St. Joseph's-A. McKay)
Sunnyside   (Sunnyside)
Sycamore Lane   (Cavalier Drive)
Tantallon Jr. Elementary  (Tantallon Jr. Elementary)
Tantallon Sr. Elementary  (Tantallon Sr. Elementary)
Waverley Memorial   (Ash Lee Jefferson)
Westmount   (St. Catherine's)