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Assessment and Evaluation

Final Assessment Event

  • August 2

All courses will have a major assessment event on the last day of classes. All assessments will comply with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education's Assessment, Evaluation and Communication of Student Learning Policy C.007. No single assessment will exceed 30% of the student's final grade.

Course Outlines

The teacher will provide students with course outlines, assessment and evaluation practices and procedures on or before July 8. The outline will identify expected learning outcomes as they are directly related to course and grade level. Teachers will also provide students with a breakdown of evaluation scoring and procedures, along with ongoing assessment strategies.


Students are expected to complete all assignments and to obtain and complete all work missed due to absenteeism.

Reporting of Final Mark

All marks will be sent to the appropriate school by August 19. Parents/guardians and students wishing a copy of the mark sent home are asked to present a stamped self-addressed envelope to the teacher on or before August 2.

Anyone requesting that a transcript of the marks be sent to another institution or university is asked to give a stamped, self-addressed envelope to the teacher on or before August 2.