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About our Schools

Find Information about bus transportation, school calendars, boundary issues, and much more
School Finder

Search for a school by area, administrative unit, family, and/or type. Use Address Lookup or Online Map to find the schools closest to your home.

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Student Transportation

Access BusPlanner Parent Portal, find school bus safety information, read the Provincial School Transportation Policy, and browse frequently asked questions.

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View the school calendar and a text list of significant dates including: the first and last day of school, holidays, breaks, professional development and assessment days

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Important Information...

For Parents

EXCEL is a program of the Halifax Regional Centre for Education that offers an option to parents when seekingĀ before...

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The Halifax Regional Centre for Education takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of...

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For Students

AP provides students with the opportunity to take one or more university-level courses while in high school.

Universally recognized, the IB program is an advanced liberal arts diploma meant for high-achieving students

For the Community

The HRCE encourages and supports the use of our facilities outside of normal instructional hours

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education values the many roles that volunteers play in our schools.