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Liability Insurance

Important Information for Community Use groups and their members

Please note: The Halifax Regional Centre for EducationÂ’'s property and liability insurance policies DO NOT insure community use groups or its individual members that use school facilities. As well, these policies DO NOT provide any form of accident insurance to community use groups or individuals.

Community use groups must make their own arrangements for insurance if they determine that they require their own coverage. The community use group members renting school facilities are jointly and severally liable to the Regional Centre for Education for any damage caused to the school property by their use of the premises.

The Regional Centre for Education is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to any member of the community use group by any cause whatsoever during their use of the premises except in such cases where the injury, loss or damage is caused solely by negligence on part of the HRCE.

The community use person signing the rental booking agreement is responsible to bring this information to the attention of each member of the group using the premises on each occasion the premises are used.