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They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here'’s a new adage: it takes a group to adopt a school.

The board'’s Adopt-A-School program encourages businesses, agencies and organizations to take an entire school under their wing. It means everything from employees acting as mentors to the company buying a busload of new books for the school.

For example, ExxonMobil Canada adopted Joseph Howe Elementary School in 2003. Company employees gave the children’'s self-confidence a boost by helping them with reading and math skills, and increasing their technology skills.

Among other things, groups can offer a school financial assistance for swimming lessons, breakfast-nutritious snack programs, books, computer equipment and field trips.

What does a company get in return, besides a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done? To name just a few of the perks, a sign will be put up in the school recognizing you as an Adopt-A-School sponsor and you will receive a certificate of appreciation along with a tax deductible receipt.

In another inspiring example, local businesses are working with the Halifax Mooseheads to reward students with tickets to at-home hockey games. The Mary-Beth Chaulk Adopt-A-School Program is a joint venture among the Mooseheads, the business community of the Halifax Metro Region and schools in the surrounding areas.

The program'’s objective is to reward students, who have displayed exemplary academic, athletic or personal achievements, with tickets to the Halifax Mooseheads home games. Students may also get tickets through class draws or raffles.

It is the responsibility of the adopted school to decide how to hand out tickets so that everyone has an equal chance of making a trip to the Metro Centre. Schools are adopted by local businesses that invest in the program in exchange for season tickets of their own, advertising incentives and the recognition as a proud supporter of our community along with the Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Club.

Last season, 27 schools in the HRM were sponsored under the Adopt-A-School Program. For information on this great program, please contact Brian Urquhart with the Halifax Mooseheads at (902) 496-5654 or

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