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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Mentoring Young Students

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Halifax know it'’s important for children to have a role model; someone they can look up to and learn from. The organization co-sponsors an In-School Mentoring program that matches a carefully screened adult to work one-on-one with an elementary age child.

Local businesses allow their employees to take part in the program by offering flexible work schedules. The companies may also support the program financially. Schools allow students to take breaks from regular classroom work to meet with their mentor for one hour per week. It could be as simple as reading a book together. It'’s all about building the child’'s self-esteem and improving his or her performance in school.

Big Bunch, Big Fun

It’'s not the Brady Bunch; it'’s the Big Bunch. High school students are learning how to help out others, too. This is another school-based program run by Big Brothers Big Sisters that pairs elementary school children with high school students for group activities, all under the watchful eye of an adult mentor. The young children learn how to interact socially with friends, while the teenagers learn leadership skills.

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