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For Parents

Online Reporting for students, parents and guardians

If you experience or see bullying or cyberbullying, click on the image above to report this information. It will be sent to the appropriate Principal and Vice-Principal(s). We encourage you to provide sufficient information in your report to enable school administrators to investigate and respond to your concern.

EXCEL Program

The HRCE's EXCEL Program offers care for elementary school children before and after school. EXCEL provides organized, fun programs that give parents peace of mind in the times they can't be with their children. To learn more, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent, you likely have lots of questions about your child's education. Everything from how old your child must be to start school, how to enroll in French Immersion, or how to get extra help and support. These and many more questions are answered in FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions.) To learn more, click here.

Parent Tool Kit

We believe parents are key partners in their children's education. Parents need the right tools to help support their children and to forge a solid relationship between home and school. For a handy toolkit of policies, publications, calendars, bus schedules, healthy living tips and more click here.

Helping Children Succeed at School

Parents want to know what's happening in their children's classrooms, and take a hands-on approach to education. Parents are a valuable ally in helping their children engage in school by reinforcing good homework practices at home. To learn more about how to help your child develop successful study habits, click here.

French as a Second Language

Are you interested in learning more about French second language programs in HRCE schools? Our schools offer a wide variety of instruction from core French to early and late immersion. To learn more click here.

Safe Schools

The HRCE is committed to ensuring all students learn in a safe, supportive environment. Our Safe Schools division works to curb bullying, encourage positive behaviour, and teach conflict resolution. To learn more, click here.

School Advisory Councils

School Advisory Councils (SAC) provide a vehicle for parents and the community to have an effective voice in the education of their children. The SAC is a legally recognized body that works in an advisory capacity to increase the quality of education being provided by the school. To learn more, click here.


Wondering about the board and ministerial policies, looking for a copy of the operating budget, or perhaps the Regional Executive Director of Education's monthly report? We've compiled an archive of documents that can help. For a full list, click here.