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Office Hours

EXCEL office hours are from 8:00 am - 4:15 pm. Monday to Friday. Payments cannot be accepted by program staff at individual schools. All payments must be made online through the EZChildTrack Parent Portal, or by calling, mailing or visiting the EXCEL Office at 25 Alfred Street, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4E8, 902-464-2000 ext. 2787.

Office Staff

For further information on the EXCEL Program, please contact the Registrar's office or a member of our EXCEL Management team:

Registrar - Kimberly Lozon: 902-464-2000 ext. 2787
Assistant Registrar - Gail Hartling: 902-464-2000 ext. 2236
Assistant Registrar Client Services - Wendy Terry: 902-464-2000 ext. 2491
Coordinator - Roxanne Manning: 902-464-2000 ext. 2495
Manager - Jeff Turple: 902-464-2000 ext. 8498
Manager - Kate MacDonald: 902-464-2000 ext. 2496

Recreation Programmer (Unit #1) - Laura McKinley: 902-464-2000 ext. 2014
Recreation Programmer (Unit #2) - Jocelyn MacDonald: 902-464-2000 ext. 2493
Recreation Programmer (Unit #3) - Heather Edgett: 902-464-2000 ext. 2497
Recreation Programmer (Unit #4) - Amy Leeper: 902-464-2000 ext. 2498

Application - Before & After programs

The EXCEL program uses EZChildTrack, a ‘Childcare Management’ Software as a Service (SaaS), to support our registration and payment process. EZChildTrack offers a secure, convenient, web-based system on which clients can register their child(ren) online for the EXCEL program. Information on accessing the system is available on the EXCEL Registration page.

PD and Assessment & Evaluation Days

EXCEL does not operate on PD and Assessment & Evaluation days. Parents will be responsible for finding alternate program services for these days.