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Helping Children Learn

Students do better in school with help from their parents at home. We've created this online resource for parents to help them learn the best ways to help their children succeed.

How Can I Help My Child Learn?

Click here for an overview on how to help your child succeed in school.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Click here for a handy guide that will help you make the most of Parent/Teacher conferences.

Motivating Children to Learn

Click here to learn more about how to motivate children to learn.

An Organized Approach

Click here for useful tips on getting organized and staying that way.

Independent, Self-directed Learning

Click here to learn more about how to help your children succeed on projects and other self-directed assignments.

For more information on helping your child succeed, visit the links below:

  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development curriculum documents and Public School Program information. Click here.
  • Teen Mental Health. Click here.
  • On-line mathematics dictionary. Click here.
  • On-line mathematics encyclopedia. Click here.
  • Virtual math manipulatives. Click here.
  • Ask Dr. Math. Click here.