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Parent-Teacher Night

What to ask your child’'s teacher

Parent-Teacher interviews provide an excellent time to better understand how your child is doing in school, how they are being assessed, and how you can help support learning at home.

Here are a few suggested questions to help guide conversations with your child'’s teacher:

  • What do you see as my child'’s unique strengths/challenges?

This is an excellent question for your first meeting with a teacher as it provides opportunity for you both to share insights and perceptions about your child as a learner. 

  • How can I help build on/support my child'’s learning strengths and challenges at home?

Supporting student learning is a partnership between parent and teacher. Your child'’s teacher can provide valuable suggestions on how you can help your child with specific learning goals at home.

  • How is my child’'s progress evaluated?

A child’'s learning can be assessed in a variety of ways within the specific Learning Outcomes Framework (see link at bottom of page for more information on learning outcomes). Asking this question gives the teacher an opportunity to describe his or her assessment methods for each term’s work. 

  • What outcomes has my child met and what are the outcomes my child working towards?

For more information on outcomes and assessment, click here.