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Riding the Bus Safely

Over 27,000 HRCE students are transported by bus each school day and we all have a role to play in ensuring students are getting to and from school safely.

Please note a parent/guardian or designate must accompany Pre-Primary to Grade 2 students to the stop and remain with the child until they are safely boarded, and they must also be at the stop at the end of the day. For more FAQs on Pre-Primary and Primary busing, click here.

Please ensure your child arrives at the stop a minimum of five (5) minutes before their pick-up time. You can always review BusPlanner Parent Portal for your child's transportation information including stop times and locations. We encourage all families to review these important reminders below throughout the school year.

Bus Stop Safety

Be on time for the bus, and please don’t run to/from the bus.
Stand back off the road and don't push or shove when waiting at a stop.
Always cross in front of the bus, walk 3 meters (10 ft) in front of the bus to a point where you can see the driver; wait for the driver's signal to cross. Proceed to the centre of the road, STOP, LOOK & LISTEN and cross the road when it is safe.
Never crawl under a school bus or cross the road behind the bus.
Know the danger zones around the bus.

School Bus Safety

Please respect and listen to the driver and avoid distracting them.
Please keep noise levels to a minimum.
Do not stand or move while the bus is in motion.
Never put your hands, arms, feet or head out of the bus window.
Ask the driver for permission before you open the bus windows.
Do not throw anything inside the bus or out of the windows.
Keep the aisle clear at all times when the bus is in motion.
The driver will report misconduct and vandalism to the school.

Safety and our COVID-19 response

We all have a role to play in ensuring students are getting to/from school safely. The health and safety of our students and staff is always a priority however, this year, busing looks a little different. HRCE works collaboratively with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD), and Public Health and we wanted to inform you of the following additional measures when riding the school bus:
  • Before coming to the bus stop, please screen your child as per the Daily Screening checklist.
  • All children, students, monitors and drivers will be required to wear non-medical masks on school buses because physical distancing will not always be possible on school buses.
  • Buses will be cleaned twice daily, and high touch surfaces will be cleaned before and after each run.
Parents/guaridans are encouraged to help their children become comfortable with wearing a mask. Information about wearing a mask can also be found here. A small number of students with sensory or health issues may not be able to tolerate wearing a mask. Parents/guardians of these students are asked to consult with their school to develop a plan for their children.
For additional school bus safety tips in Nova Scotia, please visit