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Currently No Cancellations

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education takes great care when making the decision to alter the normal operations of schools and school busses in the event of severe or inclement weather.You can find more information below or by viewing (and printing) our infographic: (Landscape) (Portrait)


HRCE staff gather information from a variety of sources beginning at 4:30 am, including:

  • Weather forecasts from Wood Group consulting service which provides radar and satellite imagery, real time road conditions and any weather warnings;
  • Consulting with a meteorologist to discuss details of forecast, level and type of precipitation and impact on road conditions;
  • HRCE Transportation which consults with our service providers' bus drivers to determine local road conditions throughout the municipality;
  • Municipal and provincial transportation staff; and
  • Other local weather services, including Environment Canada and the Weather Network.

By 5:30 am, staff make recommendations to the Regional Executive Director of Education (or a designate), based on the information gathered and assessments of each area. The Regional Executive Director of Education makes the final decision based on this information.


It is our goal to make the decision as close to 6:00 am as possible. A 6:00 am announcement could be:

  • All schools are closed for the day; or
  • Some schools (either individually or by family) are closed for the day; or
  • All schools are open, but some or all busses are not operating for the day; or
  • All schools are delayed in opening by 2 hours

Information will be shared in the following ways:

  • HRCE website at
  • HRCE Twitter at
  • HRCE information line at 902-464-INFO (4636)
  • By e-mail or text message notification. To sign up: (link)
  • With local media

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