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Student Transportation

Am I Eligible for Transportation?

Students must reside within their designated catchment of the school they are attending and meet the minimum distance criteria to be eligible for transportation.

  • Click School Catchment to determine what school your child(ren) would attend based on your primary residence.

Busing is provided to:

What do you need to know about school registration and busing?

Bus eligibility and routing are based on a student’s transportation address information in PowerSchool.

Once your child is registered in PowerSchool, BusPlanner Parent Portal is the best way to access and review transportation information at when routing is finalized.

How/when can I view my child's busing information in BusPlanner?

2020-21 registrations

  • Families must create a Parent Portal account to view busing information effective 5-7 days after registration for this school year.
  • Click here to learn how to create a Parent Portal account. 

2021-22 registrations

  • Families do not need to create a Parent Portal account as we are currently planning bus routes and timing for the new school year. 
  • In August, we will send an email to families to activate their Parent Portal account to review busing information, if eligible for transportation.

Do you want to change your address or caregiver information?

If you are moving or changing daycares/ after-school programs, please contact your school to update your address or alternate address, otherwise your eligibility or routing may be delayed.
  • Families will receive an email with updated transportation information, which becomes effective within 5-7 days after any changes are made at the school. 

Not eligible for student transportation?

If a student attends school as an out-of-catchment area student, they are not eligible for transportation and parents/ guardians must make arrangements to transport their children to school. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to our Transportation Team.

Transportation Review Committee for Policy Review

As part of the new provincial School Transportation policy, families are now able to request a review of any non-behaviour related transportation decision. Click here to learn more.

Letters to Families

Other References

Contact Us

We are here to support you with your questions or concerns about school bus routes, stops and schedules throughout the year.

Please contact the HRCE Transportation Team via email or call us at 902-431-HRCE (4723).