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School Bus Providers for Halifax Region Starting September 2020

February 6, 2020

HRCE has awarded contracts to three (3) service providers that will begin transporting students in September 2020.

Student Transportation of Canada Inc., Southland Transportation Ltd., and National Passenger Services (Canada) (also known as Stock Transportation Ltd.) are the successful providers for student transportation in the Halifax region. The service providers will supply, maintain and drive buses and deliver students safely and on time to school.

Under the new contracts, the providers will be focused on getting students to school safely and on time throughout the school year. As of September, HRCE will be responsible for routing and communications with families. If a parent/guardian has a question or concern about their child’s route, bus driver or schedule, they now call the HRCE. Under the current contract, communications and routing are handled by the current service provider, which is not a common practice.

Who will be busing my child to school this September?

What do families need to know?

  • There will be no change in bus service for this school year.
  • The current service provider will continue to bus students for the remainder of the school year.
  • HRCE has already initiated the development of a new Transportation Team and continues to provide greater support to families and schools through improved communication and routing.

We are creating a better and more reliable service, and consistent communication is key. Between now and September, we will communicate regularly with families via email with any updates or helpful information about your child(ren)’s transportation.

Who do families contact if they have questions about busing?

Families are encouraged to reach out to the HRCE Transportation Team at 902-431-4723 (HRCE) or email if they have any questions.

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