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Study Q & A

Q: Do you have a comfortable place to study and do homework at home which is free from distractions like television and the internet?
A: If you can'’t concentrate at home, focusing on homework and studying for tests will be difficult. Try to find a spot you can call your own but, if that isn'’t possible, take advantage of the library, every spare period at school, and even a friend'’s house if you find a study group works for you.

Q: Do you keep a calendar of homework and long-term assignments?
A: Homework notebooks and school calendars work if you use them! Keeping regular lists and recording assignments may seem like just one more thing to do but a little time spent in organization can help you feel more in control and less stressed. Calendars are especially useful when trying to juggle after school activities, spending time with friends, part-time jobs and sports. Set priorities and budget your time accordingly.

Q. Do you have a regular time every night when you do homework or study?
A: Write in a regular homework time in your calendar. Decide when is the best time for you to do your homework and stick to that timeframe.

Q. Do you keep notes in class and review them regularly?
A: Many students either don'’t keep good notes or can'’t read their own hand-writing. Do you write like an ancient Egyptian? Take care when recording information so you can decode it more easily during review. Don’'t rely on teacher handouts alone. It is important to jot down information in your own words (as long as you can read them afterward) in order to really process what you’'re learning.

Q. Do you ask good questions in class and out?
A: Set a little challenge to ask one good question in every class. ‘Good’ questions are the kind that sets everyone to thinking a little farther and deeper about the subject. Forget the obvious ones. Questioning skills help you think so if you get into the habit of asking better questions, you'’ll become a better thinker. Really thought-provoking questions truly make a difference both in and out of class. Here'’s a good site to help hone your thinking/questioning skills:

Q. Do you come to class with all the right stuff: pencils, paper, the appropriate books and finished assignments?
A: Be honest here: how organized are you? If you don'’t take that few minutes to pack the right stuff for class, you’'ll be spinning your wheels all day long. One of the worst feelings is not feeling in control and always having to borrow something in class puts you right into the stall zone.