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Youth Health Centres

Help Where You Need It

If you’'ve got a question or a worry about your health, you can get a straight answer at the Youth Health Centre in your school (in private). There’'s a centre in all of the Halifax Regional Centre for Education'’s 17 high schools there to provide advice and counselling thanks to a partnership between the HRCE & Public Health, CDHA.

The mission of the centres is to work in partnership with you, your school and your community to optimize your health. Students are treated as equal partners in decision-making about the programs and services provided at their centre.

The centres:

  • provide accurate and non-judgmental information and services
  • provide services in a safe and confidential manner
  • work hand-in-hand with other organizations providing supports and services to teens within schools and the wider community
  • involve youth in all aspects of the centres as equal partners
  • support youth in making informed choices about their health and well-being
  • provide outreach to the junior high feeder schools.

Activities of the youth health centre may include:

  • promotion of the youth health centre
  • group education
  • peer education
  • peer support
  • health promotion through advocacy in the school and community
  • building strong relationships within the school community (including teachers, administration, and guidance counsellors);
  • linking and working with partners within the school and the community.

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