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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I substitute even though I'm not on AESOP if I am called?
A: Absolutely not.  You cannot substitute unless you have completed all of the steps required and are an active substitute on AESOP.

Q: I have retired. Am I able to substitute?
A: Yes, all retired employees are able to substitute. (If you are a retired substitute teacher, you are able to work 69.5 days.) However, all substitutes must complete the Substitute Confirmation Form online under either Substitute Teacher Information or Non-Teaching Substitute Confirmation Form in order to be placed on the list. Check with Human Resources to make sure your paperwork is up-to-date.

Q: I did not substitute last year, can I this year?
A: You must complete the online Substitute Confirmation form accessible via myHRCE in order to substitute for the upcoming school year (on the myHRCEdropdown menu, select Document Depot, Human Resources. You will then find Substitute teaching forms and/or Non-Teaching Substitute Confirmation). After completion of the confirmation form, you will receive an email from AESOP advising you to provide the Regional Centre for Education with a new Criminal Records Check (local Police Detachment) and Child Abuse Registry Form (HRCE office). Once this information is received, your AESOP and Payroll accounts will be re-activated. You will receive an email from AESOP with your login information. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ONLINE RESUME IS KEPT UP-TO-DATE AT ALL TIMES.

Q: What are my daily/hourly rates of pay for substituting?
A: Daily Substitute Teacher Rate - $177.67 / Non-Teaching Hourly Casual Rate – range from $11.86 to $14.71 per hour.

Q: What do I do if there are days missing on my pay cheque?
A: If you discover a day(s) missing, please contact payroll at 902-464-2000 to be transferred to the appropriate Payroll Administrator. Be prepared to provide the dates and the names of the schools in which you substituted. Once the payroll clerk verifies the missing day(s), you will be required to contact the school to request an amended timesheet and the day(s) will be added to your next cheque.

Q: Will I have to reapply to substitute for the next school year?
A: Yes. Please see the information above for returning substitutes and retirees.

Q: What happens if I didn't receive a reminder email about confirming?
A: A reminder email outlining the instructions for confirming your intent to return to subbing was sent to your HRCE email address. The only email address the Regional Centre for Education will correspond with is your HRCE email address. Please contact our IT Department at and they will assist you with this.

Q: I need a substitute number. Where can I get one?
A: This number was sent in your welcome email from AESOP along with your login ID and Pin number.

Q: In the middle of an ASEOP call it tells me the assignment is no longer available. What happened?
A: Even though AESOP is calling you, the job is still posted on the website and someone else may have accepted the assignment before you were able to push 1 to accept.

Q: What do I do if AESOP does not recognize my PIN?
A: All AESOP accounts are inactivated effective July 2nd. AESOP is closed during July and August for yearly maintenance and will remain inactive until you have confirmed your intent to return to subbing by completing the Substitute Confirmation Form found on myHRCE - Document Depot - Human Resources - Substitute Teaching Forms or Non-Teaching Confirmation forms.

Q: I am new to AESOP and do not know my PIN. Can you help?
A: Your login ID and pin number were forwarded to you in the welcome email from AESOP. Open a new web browser and enter the address Click on the red login icon in the upper right hand corner and enter your login ID and pin number in the red label. Do not use spaces or dashes in your ID or pin numbers. Do not “Google” AESOP as it will give you the American website (aesoponline) and your login ID and pin numbers will not work. If you have changed your phone number in AESOP, the new number becomes your login ID. If you are still having difficulties, please call 902-464-2000 ext. 2186 and your call will be directed appropriately.

Q: How do I cancel an assignment?
A: Please contact the school to cancel an assignment in AESOP.

Q: What happens if I have a change in phone number/address?
A: If you change your phone number in AESOP the new phone number becomes your new login ID. To change your phone number and/or address, click View Personal Information, make your change and click the Apply Changes button.

Q: Why does the work day not showing in my calendar?
A: If you worked at “School X” on a particular day and it does not show in your calendar, please contact the school and ask them to complete the assignment in AESOP. You will still receive pay as the time is submitted separately.

Q: Why is AESOP not calling me?
A: You need to search for assignments, do not wait for AESOP to call you. AESOP only makes telephone calls the evening before an assignment or the morning the assignment takes place. Jobs are posted throughout the day and evening. So search AESOP frequently.

Q: Why I am not seeing assignments on AESOP?
A: You must click – Search for Assignments. We have hundreds of active subs in our system and most jobs are filled in seconds. We normally use only 12-18% of our substitutes daily. There are peaks and valleys in the number of substitutes required. Usually September, December and June are months with limited assignments.

Q: How does AESOP work?
A: AESOP works by preferred sub lists. When an assignment is created the system looks at the employees list of preferred subs, next the schools list of preferred subs and then goes out to the qualified subs, before it finally looks for a classroom substitute. If it still has not found a sub, the evening before an assignment, AESOP will begin making telephone calls but will still be available via the internet.

There are user guides (phone and internet) available on your AESOP homepage under the link – Training and Reference Materials. They are very user friendly and provide instructions and screenshots.

If you are still having difficulties, please email us at or call 902-464-2000 ext. 2110 for further assistance. AESOP Administrator Human Resource Services