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Teaching with Us

Serving approximately 50,000 students in 135 schools and employing approximately 5,500 teachers and school administrators, we are the largest school board in Atlantic Canada. Our geographic region spans 5,000 square kms.

The following outlines how teaching positions become available at the Halifax Regional Centre for Education:

Substitute positions occur when a teacher is engaged on a day-to-day basis to take the place of a regular teacher employed by HRCE (i.e. paid sick leave, pregnancy leave). Substitute assignments can range from day to day or span a longer period to cover extended sick and pregnancy leaves. Click here for details on registering as a substitute with us.

Term positions have a specific start and end date and typically occur when the regular classroom teacher is not in receipt of pay from HRCE (i.e. unpaid sick leave, deferred leave, parental leave in excess of 40 days).

Permanent teaching positions occur as a result of attrition - resignation, retirement, death, a newly created position or permanent assignment to another school. Teachers must hold a permanent or probationary contract with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education in order to apply for permanent positions.

Application Process

All of our positions are posted on our website and can be viewed by clicking here.

Teaching positions are typically posted every Wednesday at 4 pm and then close the following Monday at 4 pm. Positions are posted according to job category and are accompanied by a job description. To apply, you must have an online resume on our Careers at HRCE system.

Teachers are required to have a Nova Scotia Teacher's Certificate to teach in Nova Scotia. To learn more about Teacher Certification click here.

Note: Candidates who are looking to teach French must also complete a successful interview with the HRCE French Program Consultants who will assess the candidate's competency in French (oral and written).

Teaching Staffing Timelines

April 15 - June 15
Permanent positions are posted on the HRCE website for application by permanent and probationary contract teachers by way of minimum two rounds of postings.

Remaining permanent positions not filled and term positions are posted at our annual internal Teacher Placement Process, typically held in June. Teachers eligible to attend the Teacher Placement Process must have a particular status such as surplus permanent and probationary. Further information on the Teacher Placement Process will be posted on myHRCE approximately mid-May.

June - July
All remaining vacancies that occur after our internal Teacher Placement Process are posted for application by all teachers except those who hold a Probationary or Permanent contract with us.

Mid-August onward
Positions that remain unfilled or newly created positions that occur following the last posting round in June are generally posted starting mid-August and then weekly thereafter every Wednesday at 4 pm and then close on the following Monday at 4 pm.

Until October 15
Term Recall is in effect. This means that teachers who received a Term Contract in the preceding school year and received a positive recommendation are given first priority when principals are filling positions until October 15.


The salary grid is determined by collective bargaining between the Minister of Education of the Province of Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and can be found in Schedule D of the Teacher's Provincial Agreement, accessible on the Labour Relations section of our website.

Substitute Teaching

Please select the link below that best relates to your current employment status: