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EXCEL Registration

2022-2023 School Year

If you would like to register for the 2022-23 Excel program, please contact the EXCEL Registrar's Office by calling 902-464-2000 ext. 2787 or 2236, or by email at or

2023-2024 School Year

Registration for the EXCEL Program must be completed online by accessing the EZChildTrack Parent Portal. Returning, waitlisted, and new families interested in enrolling their child(ren) in the EXCEL program are required to submit an application for each new school year. Enrollment and waitlists do not carry over from one year to the next. If you have an existing account with EXCEL, access the Parent Portal by entering your email address and password in the Returning Parents Sign In section.

If you are new to the EXCEL Program, enter the Parent Portal using the “New Parents Open Account” section. For more information on completed the EXCEL application, please review the EXCEL Online Application Guide.

Early registration for the 2023-24 EXCEL Program will begin the week of April 24, 2023. In order to be eligible for Early registration, families must have a child(ren) enrolled in a 2022-23 EXCEL program by April 21st, 2023. Siblings of 2022-23 EXCEL participants who will be starting school in September 2023 are eligible to be enrolled during the Early Registration Period. As in previous years, families may only submit an EXCEL application for the school(s) in which their child(ren) will be registered for 2023-24. Overdue account balances must be paid in order to register for a program. Participation in early registration does not guarantee enrollment in the Excel Program.

Early registration will be conducted using a staggered approach based on Unit of Schools as follows:

EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 1 April 24th (8am) to April 25th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 2 April 25th (8am) to April 26th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 3 April 26th (8am) to April 27th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 4 April 27th (8am) to April 28th (7:59am)
All Units April 28th (8am - 4pm) & May 1st (8am) to May 5th (4pm)

For families who do not have a child(ren) enrolled in a 2022-23 EXCEL program by April 21st, 2023, General Registration will begin on May 8, 2023 as follows:

EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 1 May 8th (8am) to May 9th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 2 May 9th (8am) to May 10th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 3 May 10th (8am) to May 11th (7:59am)
EXCEL 2023-24 Unit 4 May 11th (8am) to May 12th (7:59am)
All Units May 12th (8am) onward 

Please note: Pre-primary students are eligible for registration at EXCEL schools where all Pre-primary classes are on site.

The four EXCEL 2023-24 units are based on school/grade as follows:

EXCEL Unit #1 Schools

Astral Drive (PP-6) Crichton Park (PP-6) Ocean View (PP-3)
Bel Ayr (PP-6) Dartmouth South (P-6) Portland Estates (PP-6)
Bicentennial (PP-6) George Bissett (PP-6) RK Turner (PP-6)
Brookhouse (PP-6) Hawthorn (PP-6) Seaside (4-5)
Caldwell Road (PP-6) Joseph Giles (PP-6) South Woodside (PP-6)
Colby Village (PP-6) Michael Wallace (PP-6)  
Colonel John Stuart (PP-6) Mount Edward (PP-6)  

EXCEL Unit #2 Schools

Ash Lee Jefferson (PP-5) Holland Road (PP-5) Ross Road (PP-6)
Caudle Park (PP-5) Millwood (PP-5) Sackville Heights (PP-5)
Cavalier Drive (PP-5) O'Connell Drive (PP-6) Shannon Park (PP-6)
Dutch Settlement (PP-6) Oldfield (PP-5) Smokey Drive (PP-5)
Harry R Hamilton (PP-5) Oyster Pond (PP-6) Sycamore Lane (PP-5)
Hillside Park (PP-5) Porters Lake (PP-6)  

EXCEL Unit #3 Schools

Beechville-Lakeside Timberlea Jr. (PP-1) Kingswood (PP-5) Sunnyside Fort Sackville (PP-1)
Beechville-Lakeside Timberlea Sr. (2-5) Prospect Road (PP-5) Tantallon Jr. (PP-1)
Basinview Drive (PP-5) Sambro (PP-5) Tantallon Sr. (2-5)
Beaver Bank Kinsac (PP-5) Shatford (PP-6) Waverley Memorial (PP-5)
Beaver Bank Monarch (PP-5) St. Margaret's Bay (PP-5) West Bedford (PP-6)
Hammonds Plains (PP-5) Sunnyside Eaglewood (P-5)  

EXCEL Unit #4 Schools

Bedford South (P-5) LeMarchant-St. Thomas (P-6) Springvale (PP-6)
Burton Ettinger (P-6) Kearney Lake - for GWP (PP) St. Joseph's - Alexander McKay (PP-6)
Elizabeth Sutherland (PP-6) Oxford (PP-6) St. Stephen's (PP-6)
Grosvenor-Wentworth (PP-6) Park West (PP-6) Westmount (PP-6)
Harrietsfield (PP-5) Rockingham (P-6) William King (PP-5)
JWM-FT (J.W. MacLeod) (PP-4) Saint Mary's (P-6)  
JWM-FT (Fleming Tower) (P-1) Sir Charles Tupper (PP-6)  

For more information regarding the EXCEL registration process for the 2023-2024 school year, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed each step of the application, you should receive a registration submitted successfully message and see your child(ren)'s enrollment requests. 

If you already have an account in EZChildTrack, you can click on print for a copy of the confirmation of the successful submission of your application. You can then log into the parent portal and will be able to download the PDF of this application anytime before your application is approved by the EXCEL office.

If you do not have an account in EZChildTrack and/or your child(ren) are added to the waitlist, you can click on download the PDF version to get a copy of the parent application for your records.


Please see the EXCEL Fee Schedule for 2023-24 below. As in previous years, families may only submit an EXCEL application for the school in which their child(ren) is registered for 2023-24.

Questions - We're here to help

We are here to help, so if you have any questions about EXCEL - the registration process, your account, or about the program in general - please do not hesitate to contact one of the EXCEL Registrars as below:

Thank you for choosing EXCEL!