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New HRSB Website Launched

August 5, 2014

The HRSB has launched a new website. The last time we redesigned our website was October 2006.

As you become familiar with the new site, we hope you find it more user friendly. The new site is “responsive” meaning it will adapt its look to the device of the user. This will be a huge improvement for those who access our site using a mobile device or a tablet.

We have divided the navigation into two specific paths: “About our Schools” and “About the HRSB.” The purpose of this is two-fold. It makes the front page of the site far less busy and it will allow users to navigate to the information they are looking for without having to guess where it might be located.

Finally, the search function is much improved. No longer are we relying on a Google search mechanism.

Other than where the links are located on the front page, there is no change in how the Employment and Staff functions work. Current and prospective employees apply for jobs through myHRSB. This has not changed. The links can be found next to each other at the top of the page.

With any launch, we know there will be some hiccups which is why we planned to do this in the summer. This will allow us to identify any issues and address them before schools reopen.

We also plan to create a short video to help users navigate the new site.

We hope you like it!