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Opening of Tantallon Junior Elementary delayed

September 2, 2015

The first day of classes for students at Tantallon Junior Elementary School will be delayed two days until Tuesday, September 8.

Mould was discovered on the first floor of the building on August 24 when staff returned after the summer break. The mould was found on doors, ceiling tiles, furniture and a number of books and learning materials. It is believed to have been caused by the high levels of humidity affecting the area during the month of August.

An environmental company has been in the building since the discovery cleaning up. At end of yesterday it was believed the building would be ready for students on Thursday. Earlier today, mould was found in some additional areas on the second floor.

Given this discovery, the school will remain closed through the Labour Day weekend to allow for the building to be thoroughly cleaned, all of the affected surface areas washed down and the ceiling tiles replaced.

Note: This announcement only applies to Tantallon Junior Elementary. Tantallon Senior Elementary will open on Thursday, September 3.