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Brookside Jr. High to reopen Thursday, September 10

September 9, 2015

Brookside Junior High will reopen on Thursday, September 10.

Teachers and staff spent the entire day in the school getting ready for students to return.

The air quality test results have come back and confirmed that the building is safe to occupy. The specific clause in the report states:

"Total airborne mould spore concentration in the interior samples collected were below concentrations when compared to the exterior sample. The total fungal spore load within the interior of the school at the time of sampling was between 247-593 spores/m3 while the fungal spore load within the exterior location (non-problem area) was 6,573 spores/m3. This conclusion indicates a non-problem environment for mould."

Click here to view the full report.

To see a video of the current condition of the school, click here .

Click here for an overview of the scope of work undertaken to prepare Brookside for reopening.