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Province seeking input on Student Attendance Policy

June 15, 2016

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is in the process of developing a provincial student attendance policy in public schools.

The intention of the policy is to set consistent expectations around attendance, balanced with flexibility to respect the needs of individual students and the professional judgment of teachers.

The key issues include:

  • looking at why students miss school
  • the best ways to improve attendance, considering incentives, supports and consequences
  • what is working in our schools and research on best practices elsewhere
  • the responsibilities of parents, schools, school boards, community partners, and students
  • the importance of flexibility, based on the student's individual circumstances and the professional judgment of teachers
  • equity and fairness in applying an attendance policy

A discussion paper on the topic has been produced. The province is asking for input through an online survey from teachers, parents, students, administrators and employers about the key issues and ideas to help improve overall attendance. The discusion paper and survey can be found at . Responses will be accepted until July 8.

The intention is to have a provincial student attendance policy in place this fall.