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Education Week 2019

February 15, 2019

Education Week will be celebrated from April 14 – 20, 2019. This is a special opportunity to acknowledge all partners in the education system for the work they do to support students and their learning.

The theme this year is Inclusive Education – helping our students and children succeed. While we often hear about the many challenges around inclusive education, we do not always hear about the many, many stories of hope, resilience and success. This is an opportunity to recognize everyone, at all levels of our organization, for the work they do each and every day for students.

An awards ceremony will be held to celebrate teachers, support staff, administrators and Early Childhood Educators in the pre-primary program. Each Regional Centre for Education will have recipients in the following categories:

  • One Teacher/Specialist award from each NSTU Local
  • One award for a PSAANS Member
  • One award for a non-teaching school support staff member (may or may not be an NSTU member)
  • One award for an Early Childhood Educator
  • One Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal Educator/Student Support Award (applicable to all student support school professionals)
  • One African Nova Scotian Educator/Student Support Award (applicable to all student support school professionals)

Please consider nominating someone in your school or office who you believe should be considered for one of the above awards.