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HRCE’s Plan to Support Literacy and Math for 2019-2020

May 7, 2019

Overall, the number of teachers who will be providing literacy and math support for 2019-20 will increase.

For the first time, Reading Recovery will be available in all HRCE elementary schools to support students in grade 1. 

What is Reading Recovery?

Learn more about Reading Recovery and its impact on students.

  • In 2019-20, 5 more Full Time Equivalent positions (FTEs) will support Reading Recovery.

Now that Reading Recovery will be in every elementary school the HRCE is taking a closer look at Early Literacy Support which provides similar early interventions to our youngest students.

To inform decision-making, our Program staff looked at a number of factors including:

  • student enrolments,
  • the number of students who would be supported by Reading Recovery,
  • what current literacy expertise exists within the school (for example: resource teachers),
  • literacy assessment results, and
  • mathematics assessment results.

In 2019-20, some of the resources from Early Literacy Support will be reallocated to provide schools with more literacy and math coaches.

Want to learn more about the impact of a coach?

Developing the Budget

As part of our budget process each year, we look at the distribution of all resources to ensure they are allocated and distributed in a manner that will have the greatest impact on student achievement.

Each spring this results in changes across our system for a number of reasons, including enrolment fluctuations, student needs and complimentary support programs.

As we developed our priorities to allocate resources for next year, we consulted with our school principals several times throughout the winter. Principals indicated they would like more access to literacy and math coaches who can work directly with teachers to strengthen high quality instruction.


  FTE Allocation 2018-2019 FTE Allocation 2019-2020
Reading Recovery 43.0 48.0
Literacy & Mathematics Support 90.2 71.2
Literacy & Mathematics Coaches 35.0 52.0
Total FTE 168.2 171.2

The Impact of High Quality Instruction

Educational research indicates that the greatest single determinant of student success is the quality of classroom teaching.

How will this Impact Students?

Combining early classroom interventions for students with increased supports for teachers will lead to improved student achievement across the HRCE.

We are still early in our budget and staffing processes for the 2019-20 school year. We will provide more updates as we move through the process.