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Storm Day Procedures for High School Examinations

January 14, 2020

Schools must follow the examination schedule set by the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and published in the 2019-2020 School Calendar.

HRCE high schools are instructed to handle school closures in the following manner:

If a high school is closed during a scheduled exam day, the exam schedule is adjusted by advancing it one day for each missed exam day.

Example: If there is a school cancellation on Monday, January 27

  • All Monday’s exams move to Tuesday, January 28
  • All Tuesday’s exams move to Wednesday, January 29
  • All Wednesday’s exams move to Thursday, January 30 and
  • All Thursday’s exams move to Friday, January 31

If there is a delayed opening, the morning exam will be re-scheduled (to a make-up block) and the afternoon exam will proceed as scheduled.

January 31 is currently a scheduled Assessment & Evaluation Day for high schools. If the exam schedule is advanced by one day, the Assessment & Evaluation Day would move to February 3. In addition, the start of Semester Two would move ahead one day to February 4.