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HRCE Pre-Primary Implementation 2020

February 24, 2020

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education (HRCE) is excited to be introducing 31 new Pre-Primary programs in September 2020:

Ash Lee Jefferson
Astral Drive Elem
Basinview Drive
Beaverbank - Kinsac
Beaverbank – Monarch Dr.
Bedford South
Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Jr. Elem
Bel Air
Crichton Park
Colonel John Stuart
Dartmouth South Academy
Hammonds Plains Consolidated
Harry R. Hamilton
Holland Road
John W. MacLeod – Fleming Tower
Joseph Giles
Michael Wallace
Park West
Porter's Lake
Portland Estates
Prospect Road
Sackville Heights Elem
Shannon Park
Shatford Memorial
Smokey Drive
St Margaret’s Bay
Tantallon Jr. Elem
Waverley Memorial

To ensure a successful delivery of the program, the HRCE will employ different strategies depending on the school community. All decisions were based on the following guiding principles:

  • Ensuring success for all students;
  • Making effective use of existing space; and
  • Being fiscally responsible.

Grade Reconfigurations – 12 schools (7 new programs in bold)

Three groups of schools will be reconfigured as there is space in the area junior high schools:

Junior High Elementary School
Harold T. Barrett Jr. High Beaver Bank Kinsac
Beaver Bank Monarch Drive
Georges P. Vanier Jr. High Ash Lee Jefferson
Holland Road
Oldfield Consolidated
Waverley Memorial
Five Bridges Jr. High St. Margaret’s Bay
Tantallon Jr. Elem
Tantallon Sr. Elem

We look forward to working with students, staff, families and the community as we implement a successful transition plan for all students.

Schools with space to offer the program – 11 schools

The following schools have space to offer the program:

  1. Bel Ayr
  2. Colonel John Stuart
  3. Crichton Park
  4. Hammonds Plains Consolicated
  5. Harry R. Hamilton
  6. Joseph Giles
  7. Michael Wallace
  8. Oxford
  9. Porters Lake
  10. Shannon Park
  11. Shatford

Schools requiring Portables – 8 schools

The following schools can offer the program with the addition of a portable(s):

  1. Astral Drive Elementary
  2. Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Junior
  3. Kingswood
  4. Portland Estates
  5. Prospect Road
  6. Sackville Heights Elem
  7. Smokey Drive
  8. Westmount

Following registration, principals and school staff will work together to identify the best space for everyone, including Pre-Primary children. All student’s needs will be considered when determining how to best make use of space.

Programs hosted offsite – 5 schools

School Location
Basinview Drive
Bedford South
Park West
Site TBD*
Dartmouth South Academy former Southdale North Woodside School
John W. MacLeod-Fleming Tower Cunard Jr. High

HRCE staff will ensure the space is suitably designed for the Pre-Primary program and the children have opportunities to be connected to the school throughout the year.

*Sites TBD as space does not exist in either the schools or area school sites owned by HRCE.

For more information on the Provincial Pre-Primary Program, click here .