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Out-of-Area Request Process for 2020-21

April 7, 2020

As a result of school buildings being closed due to COVID-19, Out-of-Area requests will only be submitted electronically through the HRCE website.

Click here to access the online Out-of-Area Request form.


The electronic submission will be sent automatically to the receiving school and will include a submission date and time stamp. Applications will be numbered according to date and time received.

Requests for students who will have older siblings in the receiving school in September will be given priority for an Out‐of‐Area placement if adequate accommodation is available.

Decisions regarding Out‐of‐Area requests will be communicated by June 23, 2020.

Decisions regarding Out-of-Area requests received after June 23 will be communicated at the end of August.

No Internet

For families with limited or no access to the Internet, our Parent Navigator can assist with submitting an Out-of-Area request on your behalf. 

Please reach out to our Parent Navigator, Stephen Somers at 902-219-0587 or

More Information

More information on Out-of-Area requests can be found under the Student Registration policy.

Students attending a school that is out-of-area do not qualify for student transportation. It is the parent/guardian's responsibility to transport their child to school if they are attending a different school under the out-of-area process.

Please Note: This Out-of-Area request process applies only to students in Grades Primary to 12. The process is not available to parents/guardians who are considering enrolling their child in the provincial Pre-Primary program for September 2020.