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Prince Andrew High School to be Renamed

June 27, 2022
This fall, Prince Andrew High School will have a new identity. 
After careful consideration and consultations with members of the School Advisory Council (SAC), the school community, students, staff and families, Prince Andrew High School will be renamed Woodlawn High School. This change will take effect on August 1, 2022. 
The school followed the naming/renaming process, as outlined in HRCE’s Naming or Renaming Schools Policy
To read the full report, click here.
To read the letter to the school community, click here.
“A school name is like the title of a book; the title represents the story being told. When you have a title that doesn't represent your story it can create assumptions. Our school name didn’t reflect our student body, our values, or our facility.  With that being said, a change is not only wanted but needed.”
          - Asiah Sparks, Grade 12 Student, Prince Andrew High School 
“The name of a school is deeply important: it sets a tone for what happens inside a building, it connects people and is part of our identity. A name should reflect our school community and uphold our values as a safe and inclusive learning space for all.”
          - Craig Campbell, Principal, Prince Andrew High School 
Media Contact: 
Kelly Connors, Acting Communications Coordinator
Halifax Regional Centre for Education