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Bicentennial School Reopening on Wednesday, December 14 / Asbestos Test Results

December 13, 2022


We have received confirmation from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration as well as a third-party expert, Pinchin Ltd., that Bicentennial School is safe to reopen for staff and students tomorrow (Wednesday, December 14, 2022).

All tests for asbestos conducted since last Thursday have returned clear. These results have been reviewed by Pinchin Ltd., a nation-wide consulting firm that specializes in hazardous building materials.

To read this review in full, click here.

Please note that section 2.2, Dust Sampling – November 2022, states:

An initial report issued December 8, 2022 with the results was found to be erroneous, with the results being reported 10 times higher than actual. This error is believed to be associated with a clerical error on the Chain of Custody supplied by All-Tech indicating a sampling area of 10 square centimeters, rather than the 100 square centimeter area actually collected.

You can find the following test reports here.

To maintain everyone’s safety, the Nova Scotia Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration also issued a stop work order yesterday afternoon until test results were available. This stop work order has now been lifted and the department has confirmed it is safe for all to return to school. Upgrades to school will resume, after hours, once construction timelines are revised.

We have completed additional testing of the entire school, remedial cleaning in the areas under construction as well as the adjacent classrooms and offices, and thorough cleaning through the remainder of the building in preparation for reopening.

We understand that this closure has been stressful and inconvenient. However, the safety and well-being of all staff and students is our highest priority. Closing the school for further testing and thorough cleaning allowed us to ensure a safe environment for all. We appreciate your patience and support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to

With thanks,

Kavita Khanna, P. Eng 
Director, Operations Services 
Halifax Regional Centre for Education