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SafeArrival: Rollout Timeline

One of our greatest priorities is ensuring all students arrive to school safely each day.

To ensure families are informed of student attendance first thing in the morning, a notification tool called SafeArrival by SchoolMessenger will be implemented at the following schools, starting in the 2021-22 school year:

Pilot Schools

Launch Date:
April 4, 2022

Launch Date:
April 11, 2022

Launch Date:
April 19, 2022

Launch Date:
April 25, 2022

Launch Date:
September 7, 2022

Ash Lee Jefferson Elementary Atlantic Memorial - Terence Bay Elementary Atlantic View Elementary Astral Drive Elementary Admiral Westphal Elementary A.J. Smeltzer Junior High Herring Cove Junior High
Beaver Bank-Kinsac Elementary Basinview Drive Community School Beaver Bank-Monarch Drive Elementary Bell Park Academic Centre Alderney Elementary Astral Drive Junior High Highland Park Junior High
Joseph Howe Elementary Bedford South School Caudle Park Elementary Caldwell Road Elementary Bel Ayr Elementary Bicentennial School John Martin Junior High
Shannon Park Elementary Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Junior Elementary  Cavalier Drive School Central Spryfield Elementary Brookhouse Elementary Brookside Junior High Leslie Thomas Junior High
  Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Senior Elementary  Colonel John Stuart Elementary Chebucto Heights Elementary Dutch Settlement Elementary Caledonia Junior High Madeline Symonds Middle School
  Burton Ettinger Elementary George Bissett Elementary Colby Village Elementary Ian Forsyth Elementary Clayton Park Junior High Oxford School
  Duc d'Anville Elementary Hillside Park Elementary Crichton Park Elementary Inglis Street Elementary Cunard Junior High Oyster Pond Academy
  East St. Margaret's Elementary Holland Road Elementary Harbour View Elementary LeMarchant-St. Thomas Elementary Dartmouth South Academy Park West School
  Fairview Heights Elementary Horizon Elementary School Harrietsfield Elementary Michael Wallace Elementary Eastern Passage Education Centre Ridgecliff Middle School
  Grosvenor-Wentworth Park Elementary Nelson Whynder Elementary Harry R. Hamilton Elementary Mount Edward Elementary Elizabeth Sutherland School Rockingstone Heights School
  Hammonds Plains Consolidated Elementary Ocean View Elementary Hawthorn Elementary Musquodoboit Valley Education Centre Ellenvale Junior High Rocky Lake Junior High
  Kingswood Elementary O'Connell Drive Elementary Humber Park Elementary Portland Estates Elementary Eric Graves Memorial Junior High Ross Road School
  Prospect Road Elementary Oldfield Consolidated Elementary John MacNeil Elementary Saint Mary's Elementary Fairview Junior High Sackville Heights Junior High
  Rockingham Elementary Porters Lake Elementary John W. MacLeod - Fleming Tower Elementary Sir Charles Tupper Elementary Five Bridges Junior High Sir Robert Borden Junior High
  Rocky Lake Elementary Robert Kemp Turner Elementary Joseph Giles Elementary Springvale Elementary Gaetz Brook Junior High St. Agnes Junior High
  Shatford Memorial Elementary Seaside Elementary Millwood Elementary St. Catherine's Elementary Georges P. Vanier Junior High  
  St. Margaret's Bay Elementary Smokey Drive Elementary Sackville Heights Elementary St. Jospeh's-Alexander McKay Elementary Gorsebrook Junior High  
  Sunnyside Elementary Sycamore Lane Elementary Sambro Elementary St. Stephen's Elementary Graham Creighton Junior High  
  Tantallon Junior Elementary Waverley Memorial South Woodside Elementary Upper Musquodoboit Consolidated Elementary Halifax Central Junior High  
  Tantallon Senior Elementary   William King Elementary Westmount Elementary Harold T. Barrett Junior High