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Purple Tag Program

To help our youngest riders arrive to/from school safely, the HRCE implements the Purple Tag Program in September. 

What is the Purple Tag Program?
Parents/guardians (or a designate) are responsible for accompanying Pre-Primary to Grade 2 children to their designated bus stop, waiting with them until safely boarded, and greeting them at the stop at the end of the day.

If a seatbelt is available and a child is less than 40 pounds and 57 inches in height, parents/guardians (or a designate) are also responsible for buckling/unbuckling them from their seat. School staff will do this when the child is at school.

The Purple Tag Program will help school staff and bus drivers identify these children to ensure they are not left alone at a stop and receive the assistance they may need.

Click here for a short introductory video.

How does it work?
Families will receive a purple tag from their child’s school. This tag should be attached to the left-hand side of the child’s backpack or school bag, or another area that can easily be seen by school staff and the bus driver.

What is my role?
Parents/guardians should write the name of their child’s school and their morning/afternoon route number(s) on the tag before fastening it to their backpack. Tags should stay on their backpack for the remainder of the school year. Schools will be given extra tags for those that are lost or damaged.

Please note that personal information such as the child’s name, home address and/or personal phone number should not be written on the tag for privacy and safety reasons.

If you have questions about the Purple Tag Program or busing, please contact the Student Transportation Team at 902-431-4723 or .