b'What does HRA programming look like?HRAoffersawide-rangeofsupportandenhancementsfor students. There are 12 Fine Arts Specialists who enhance drama, dance and visual arts experiences for students in 10 regions in the HRCE. There are also two Regional Fine Arts Specialists, one with an African Nova Scotian focus and another with a Mikmaq/Indigenous focus, who bring cultural experiences to students through fine art. What does that look like? Learn more in the videos below.Meet Kim Cain, HRCEs Fine Arts Specialist with anMeet Brittany Pennell, HRCEs Fine Arts Specialist with a African Nova Scotian Focus Mikmaq/Aboriginal FocusHRAoffers47musicensembles/bands/choirsthat rehearse each week after school and in the evenings in 12 locations across HRCE. In 2018-19, there were more than 230 public performances! HRAs string program (the largest east of Montreal) continues to grow each year. In 2018-19, Grades 4 to 6 students received string lessons in more than 45 elementary schools and there are more than 1800 string students across HRCE.Students also have the opportunity to work with five expert music clinicians to hone their skills in brass, woodwind,ensembledirecting,andelementary classroom, percussion, and ORFF instruments. 3'