b'Did You Know? HRCE students in all grade levels have access to two fine arts labs where they can learn to create ceramic and glass pieces. Transportation is provided to ensure all students have access to the labs, located at St. Catherines Elementary and Rocky Lake Junior High. Learn more about the opportunities these fine arts labs present to students in these videos (right). There are also free ceramic and glass workshops open to junior andLearn more about the Fine Arts Lab at Rocky Lake Junior high school students on Monday evenings!High (above) & St. Catherines Elementary (below).Special guests tour schools and provide performances and workshops to students. In 2018-19, Samantha Walkes (who starred in Neptune TheatresCinderella andThe Colour Purple) visited six schools to expose students to the performing arts.What did that experience mean to students? Click on the video (right) to find out.HRCEsfirst-everregion-widetheatricalproductions also took place in the 2018-19 school year.Students from 12 schools made up the cast and crew of Seussical andRomeo and Juliet . More than 1500 students from 18Hear students at Prince Andrew High School rehearse with schools attended matinee performances. This December,Neptune Theatre cast members (above).studentsfrom13schoolswillperformElfJuniorat Dartmouth High School.TheJuniorHigh DramaProjectput anextra-curricular dramaclubin16 schoolsthisyear. Morethan100 studentsinGrades 4through10 performedtogether inanumberof events. 4'