b'September 2020Supplementary FundingReport to CommunityHalifax Regional Arts: supporting and enhancing fine artsFunding Agreement between HRCE and HRM. This agreement programming - together apart supports and enhances all aspects of fine arts programming Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! While COVID-19 hasfor the regions more than 50,000 students. changed many things it has not changed our commitment toOnbehalfofallHRCEstudentsandfamilies,Ioffermy providing students throughout the Halifax Regional Centre forsincere thanks to HRM Council for their leadership and to Education (HRCE) with enhanced fine arts opportunities.our community for the continued support of Supplementary Programming may lookdifferent than it once did, but our goalEducation Funding. is to ensure the shared health of all students, staff and familiesEach spring, HRCE releases a budget and business plan that whilestillengaginginmusic,drama,danceandvisualarts.outlineshowSupplementaryEducationFundingwillbe HRA is following all Public Health protocols and guidelines asallocated. To see a full list of resource allocations for the 2020-outlined in Nova Scotias Back to School Plan. 21 school year, click here. Each September, we demonstrate what HRA programming looks like and what it means to HRCE Change also presents opportunity! HRA is working on newfamilies in a report like this. Follow #ThanksToYouHalifax and innovative programming for the year ahead that will beon Twitter to see HRA in action, all year round.availablein-personandvirtually.Onlineprogramsstartin October and can be accessed here or at hra.hrce.ca. TheIn times of uncertainty, people turn to the arts for a source site will be continually updated, so please check in often! of joy, to provoke thought and to create community. Thank you once again for providing these amazing opportunities for We know that fine arts programming deeply enhances thestudents to experience fine artsespecially now. learning experiences for Halifax Regional Municipalitys (HRM) youngest citizens.HRA is excited to be able to offer somethingWe are all in this together!to all students. Its important to note that none of these opportunities wouldPaula Danyluk-MacDonaldbepossiblewithoutthesharedSupplementaryEducationPrincipal, Halifax Regional Arts1'