REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT Our stories about improving student achievement @Elwin_LeRoux Who Do I Contact with Questions or Concerns? 1. Start with your child’s teacher 2. Follow-up with the School Principal 3. Call HRCE at 902.464.2000 and we will connect you to the right person* * An Administrative Supervisor is assigned to each school. Part of their role is to support families and work through challenges. View Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol OCTOBER 2018 VOL. 2 Celebrating Mi’kmaq History Dr. Sharroky Hollie PD What do you get when you combine clay, a 3D printer, stop-motion technology, and an interest in Indigenous storytelling? This amazing video by students at A.J. Smeltzer Junior High! The Mi’kmaq/Aboriginal Student Support Worker for the Sackville High Family of Schools partnered with Brilliant Labs Nova Scotia to create digital literacy opportunities specifically for students who identify as Indigenous. Students recently completed the project and shared it first with the entire school. Now, they wish to share it with schools across the country! Click above to view the story behind their story. Africentric Math Cohort Inside: