Halifax Regional Arts has a new logo! Here’s the image that now represents HRCE’s Supplementary Funded fine arts department! Fine Arts Labs Students throughout the region are making great use of our two fine arts labs. There are lots of great examples of how the labs are being used to encourage cross-curricular learning. What do you get when biology meets pottery at the Rocky Lake Arts Lab? Mitosis bowls! Not sure what that is? Grade 9 students explain their cross-curricular art and science projects in this video. Regional Fine Arts Specialist Positions HRCE has hired two new Regional Fine Arts Specialists, one with an African Nova Scotian focus and one with a Mi’kmaq/Indigenous focus. Kim Cain begins her role as the African Nova Scotian Focus Fine Arts Specialist in January and Brittany Pennell begins her role as the Mi’kmaq/Indigenous Focus Fine Arts Specialist mid-November. They will be available to all schools from Grades P-12 who are interested in exploring and celebrating African Nova Scotian and Indigenous cultures through fine arts. Halifax Regional Arts Music On October 24, Oxford School hosted an orchestra workshop to more than 120 Grade 6 students from across HRCE. An amazing opportunity for students to learn to make music together! Equitable Education Fine Arts Programming 6 Drum making workshop at J.L. Ilsley with Mi’kmaq/Acadian drum maker Carolyn Landry