More on Mi’kmaq History Month Do you have a story to share? Something you’d like to know more about? Media contact: Innovation in Teaching Day HRCE’s 4th Annual Innovation in Teaching Conference takes place on November 2 and 3. More than 150 teachers, administrators, support staff and members of our community will join us for two days of professional learning, collaborating and sharing. There are 23 presenters and three inspirational keynote speakers. Brian Aspinall, author of Code Breaker, is a teacher and professional speaker from Ontario who is coming to share his experiences of all things coding. Rachel Brouwer, a Grade 11 student from Charles P. Allen High School, will be showing her innovative 3D printed water filtration system and demonstrating the 3D prosthetics she and her classmates have been creating. Senator Colin Deacon is also coming to talk about innovative technology. Check out #HRCEID2018 on Twitter or visit the Innovation Day website at to follow along! For Your Information HRCE’s 2018‐19 Class Caps compliance report is available here. To view Class Cap Guidelines, click here. HRCE’s 2018-19 Business Plan will be posted on December 9. The Public School Administrators Association of Nova Scotia (PSAANS) held its AGM on October 25 and 26. Congratulations to the newly elected Board of Directors. HRCE representatives include: • Tim Simony – Chair – Principal, Halifax West High • Kelly MacLeod – Principal, Sackville Heights Junior High • Sabitha Masih – Vice-Principal, Halifax West High • Jennifer Murray – Principal, Eastern Shore District High 8 Video Contest Winners Equitable Education Council to Improve Classroom Conditions System Review: Transition and Expansion Instruction and Leadership Why does school attendance matter? More than 70 students from across the province took part in a video contest hosted by the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions (CTICC) in spring 2018. Congratulations to the two HRCE students who won! First place: Seize the Chance by Alexis Caindreau Lopez (Prince Andrew) Third place: School Attendance, Why is it Important by Hannah Chapman (Lockview)