What is the impact of Innovation in Teaching Day on students? Grade 11 student Rachel Brouwer shared her story of impact as an Innovation in Teaching Day keynote speaker. Last year, her teacher Jonah Scott attended the event and returned to Charles P. Allen High School with an idea he garnered from the keynote speaker, Dean Shareski of Discovery Education. The idea was around 3D printing and the printing of prosthetics for those in need. Over the past year, Rachel and Jonah honed the idea and created Printing for the People, which is a student-run initiative “designed to harness the power of virtual collaboration and 3D printer manufacturing processes to solve real world local and global humanitarian issues.” Printing for the People is a virtual MakerSpace for Nova Scotia student innovators and teachers to come together to work on 3D printer projects that make a change for the better. Talk about innovation! To hear the excerpt about how her school experience has helped her become interested in innovative technology, and how Printing for the People began, click here (or to the right). To view Rachel’s full keynote presentation, which includes her story about creating a nationwide award winning water filtration system for developing countries, click here. Other highlights from this year’s Innovation in Teaching Day include two additional keynote speakers: Brian Aspinall who is a teacher, author, maker and coding enthusiast, as well as Colin Deacon, a Senator from Nova Scotia who brings innovative thinking to Canada’s Upper Chamber. Twenty-five educators presented on everything from assistive technology to green screening to coding to 3D printing to silk screening and so much more! What did this magic look like? Check out #HRCEID2018 to see real-time learning. Here’s the highlight video reel: Innovation in Teaching Day 3 Equitable Education Instruction and Leadership Improving Student Achievement