HRCE is always hiring... won’t you join us? There’s no better way to make a difference in public education than joining our team! HRCE employs more than 1000 Educational Program Assistants (EPAs) to support students during the school day. EPAs play a critical role in student success, and when they are absent, they must be replaced. That’s why we’re always looking to add qualified personnel to our substitute EPA pool. Full-time hours are available in our 135 schools. Apply today! In an effort to recruit a pool of EPAs and other non-teaching casual applicants, our Human Resource Services Department is participating in a number of job fairs. On November 6, a job fair was held at Citadel High School specifically for EPA substitutes. In November, HR representatives also attended a networking event at Eastern College and the, Aboriginal Peoples Employment and Training Commission’s (APTEC) Career and Networking Event organized by the Native Council of Nova Scotia. On December 4, another school-based job fair will be held at J.L. Ilsley High School between 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. This event is focused on various non-teaching casual positions including EPAs, Early Childhood Educators and Custodians to support schools in the Spryfield and surrounding area. We are prepared to hold interviews on site! We’ve also begun recruiting for September 2019! Expressions of Interest for teaching roles are posted on Careers@HRCE, which include French, String Music and Learning Centre positions. The deadline for application is January 30, 2019. Remember: job postings go live every Wednesday at Additional Resources Allocated from the Commission on Inclusive Education All 51 additional inclusive education specialists allocated from the Commission on Inclusive Education are hired and in place to support students. They include: #ThanksForAsking! *What is the role of an Autism Specialist? We are excited to welcome five additional Autism Specialists to the HRCE Autism Team. This brings our team from 5 to 10 individuals. Autism Specialists support Program Planning Teams in the areas of curricular assessment, programming, teaching strategies and transitions for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The Autism Team also provides professional development to school staff on an ongoing basis. The Autism Resource Library, located at Central Office, is available for use by school personnel who program for students with ASD. Early intervention transition support is provided to all students with ASD who enter HRCE schools during their primary year. Following primary, students are referred for HRCE Autism Team support through the school planning team. The goal of HRCE’s Autism Team is to provide the best possible school experience for students with ASD. Our Staff 4 Equitable Education Inclusive Education Council to Improve Classroom Conditions 8 Behaviour Support Teachers 5 Autism Specialists* 4 Learning Centre Teachers 4 Program Planning Specialists 10 Child-Youth Care Practitioners 6 Education Program Assistants 3 Parent Navigators 1 Student Health Nurse Improving Student Achievement