Changes to P-6 Report Cards 5 ‘Tis the season for report cards! Report cards are an important piece of home and school communication about student progress and achievement. High school mid-term reports were sent home between November 13 and November 22. Between November 26 and December 6, students in elementary and junior high will receive Term 1 report cards. This year, there are some changes to report cards for students in Grades Primary to 6. These changes were made in support of recommendations from the provincial Council to Improve Classroom Conditions. Click here for a document that outlines those changes. EECD has also provided this video outlining what to expect on the P-6 report card. If you ever have questions about your child’s progress, please reach out to your child’s teacher or school principal. Pre-Primary Program Council to Improve Classroom Conditions System Review: Transition and Expansion What’s new in Pre-Primary? HRCE’s Pre-Primary Program continues to grow! There are now 747 children accessing the program in 30 schools. Currently, there are 101 staff members. There are a few remaining out-of-catchment spaces available. For a list of locations with openings, click here. Earlier this month, EECD Minister Zach Churchill announced a pilot user-pay Before and After Pre-Primary Program in ten sites across Nova Scotia. In HRCE, William King Elementary School will pilot the program which will begin in January 2019 and run until June. The program will focus on physical activity and outdoor play. Look for more details in the coming weeks. What’s a day like in Pre-Primary at Brookhouse Elementary? On this day, children were exploring sunflowers, building with blocks and imagining with loose parts! Thoughtful environments lead to meaningful learning! Colby Village’s Pre-Primary room is an example of environment as the third teacher. Improving Student Achievement