b'Regional Executive Directors MessageA note to familiesTwenty per cent of the 2019-20 school year isNever hesitate to connect with your childs now complete! How are students doing? teacherorprincipalwithanyquestions or concerns. Our role is to support your Nowthatroutinesareestablished,childs learning journey at any point in the expectationsaresetandtwomonthsschool year.of learning is behind us, its a great time tocheckinwithyourchildsclassroomIn other newsteacher.HRCEs Class Cap Compliance ReportInjustafewweeks,mid-term(highOur report, posted on October 11, shows school) and first term (Grade P-9) reportsthat 98.4% of our 5,123 classes are within will go home. On November 28, parent/ the Provincial Cap Guidelines. To view the teacher interviews are scheduled. Pleasereport, click here.know that you do not have to wait until that time to touch base with your childsPre-Primary Out-of-Catchmentteacher. Gaining an understanding of howA limited number of Pre-Primary spaces your child is progressing early on is keyarestillavailableforchildrenwho to a successful year. Families are criticalcurrentlydonothaveaccesstoaPre-partners in student learning! PrimaryProgramintheirhomeschool. Programs with availability can be found Questions* to consider asking your childshere.teacher:Supplementary Funding AgreementWhat is my child learning? IamexcitedtosharethatHRCEand How are they doing? theHalifaxRegionalMunicipality How do you know how theyre doing? (HRM)recentlysignedanewfive-year How can they improve? Supplementary Funding Agreement! This What supports can I provide/will youagreementsupportsandenhancesfine provide if they are struggling? arts programming for our 50,000 students in every community in HRCE.Checking in with your child each day is important. The following questions* maySpecial thanks to HRM Council for their helpcreateopportunitiesfordiscussionleadership and to our community for their with your child: continuedsupportofSupplementary EducationFunding.Toseehowthis What did you learn today? fundingimpactschildrenandfamilies, How did you do? follow#ThanksToYouHalifaxonTwitter. What do you do if you dontClick here for a full report.understand?How can you improve? Wishing you a wonderful fall!What are you most proud of?Elwin LeRoux* Lyn Sharratt, CLARITY: What Matters Most in Learning, Teaching, and Leading (1st ed.).Regional Executive Director(California: Corwin, 2018), 64-65.2 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | OCTOBER 2019'