b'SchoolsPlusHow does SchoolsPlus support students and familiesall year? As of September 2019, SchoolsPlus isWhat did participants think about theWhy?availabletosupportallstudentsandLevel Up camp? Learn more in the video families across Nova Scotia. above. Over the past two years,the EECD hasLevelUpmadejuniorThe need for support doesnt stop investedin364inclusiveeducation specialistsprovince-wide.Thesehighlookalotlessscaryduring the summer months.investmentsincludeSchoolsPlusstaff.formychild.Itsenabled Asaresult,thereisnowincreasedher to fret less & enjoy her availability of services during July andsummer. I expect that come August and other times when schoolsSeptember,thetransition are closed.willbemuchsmoother HRCEs SchoolsPlus offered a numberbecauseofthiscamp. offreesummercampsforstudents making the switch from elementary to- Parent of camperjunior high, or from junior to senior high. TheLevel Upcamps gave students theInadditiontocamps,Childand opportunity to learn, grow and exploreYouthCarePractitioners(CYCPs) through sports, games, art, cooking andalsocontinuedtoprovidesupport mindfulness activities.tostudentsonaone-on-onebasis throughout July and August. Studentswerealsoabletovisittheir new school and become familiar withWhat did the one-on-one support look their surroundings before September.like?Find out in this video (right).REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | OCTOBER 2019 5'