b'Tapping into TechnologyHow are students tapping into the knowledge of experts in the IT industry?StudentsenrolledintheTechnology AdvantageProgram(TAP)recentlytook part in a two-day, hands-on, design-thinking conference with experts in the information technology (IT) field. Their task was to solve real-world problems through collaborating with others, engaging withindustryexpertsandexploring available technologies. Eight weeks into the program, what are TAP students learning? Why? Find out in the above video. Using technology to solve real problems prepares students for the real world.Well-being & Leadership Through Sport How does involvement in extracurricular sports positively impact student achievement and well-being? ItdoesntmatterifyoureaHearwhatthoseexperiences participant or a leader; if youremean to them in this video. involvedinanextracurricular sporting event in any way, youre reaping all sorts of benefits. Researchshowsthereare directconnectionsbetween astudentsinvolvementin physicalactivity,theirwell-being and their achievement in school.Thisfall,hundredsofHRCEWhy?studentsparticipatedina number of cross country eventsWell-being is critical to student as runners and as leaders. success. REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | OCTOBER 2019 7'