b'Regional Student Success Plan How are we rolling out HRCEs first Regional Student Success Plan (RSSP)?HRCEs first RSSP is now available online. ThisplanisastrongandcohesivestrategyTEACHERS PRINCIPALS & VICE PRINCIPALSthat will guide our system as we work to raiseRegional Student T aboratively plan, implement S S vely developedTA CT pIrOofNesSsional UAseR bGaEckTwEaDr dAsC dTesIOignN tSoAHNADR AECDC MOOUNNITTAOBRILINITGY AHNADR AECDC MOOUNNITTAOBRILINITGY PrioRrGitiEzeT tEeDa cAhercol Participate in the TeacherUlsaessr a ocoolm wlaboalrakt-ithf sroupugph torotionlglenadrn rienge inc tdienngi tosn o cfu slttuudrya a e mentinga Arpopferasissiaoln Parlo gcreosws tthoisne rlfe-laastsioen ssc a veloping, impllyndunnidt sr eof estcut doynacnudlt duraaillyly l eresssopnosn.sive the bar and close the gap in our goal areas ofSuccess Plan(RSSP) Co-construct the classroomp i oc plulasnivnei nassociated impact on,for the purpose o t responsive u hiphaec theearcsh weritsh l ethaern aipngpl iinca steirovni coefscahiloyo lelsss Sotnusd tehnatt S suucpcpeossr tP tlhaen .learning environment with studentstn g n adn edq uimitpalbelme elenstsionngste datnudd tehnetaachievement andof improving student achievement mathematics, literacy and well-being. WE BELIEVE to improve student achievements -being. and wel-being. Providaec hinesrtsr tuoc tsiuopnpalo lreta adnedrs fanhd wel elationshipss, ). wel sopysical spl-beaicneg (, lrearning tool trre tnegthen the precision and impact of their lessons.All students can learn and achieve at high levels. Co-consmterunct tw tihthesstcuhdoeonl tlse aanrndi nstgat tff eo invmiropnrove student achievemenAll teachers can teach with precision and impact. T aA group of principals, vice principals, programAll principals can effectively lead instruction and learning. THhEenO tReYac OheFr sA pClaTnI OanNdWHhEenO sRcYho OolF a dAmCinTiIsOtraNtorspnhd welS P R O E F S S N A LI M I O W C ysical spl-beaicneg (, lreelarantiinog tnshoioplss, ).implement culturaly responsiveprovide instructional leadershipd in thlivaielydleexsspoenrise gnrcoeusn, ldeeadr ninin sgtu ndeeendtss implee dmeevneltaotipomn oenf ct aunlturdA S O E O M I E T I V P S O N I F S R L R O L L A B A Cand student services staff, and other systemanasde cdu eltfufreec,t aivse w perlal catsi creess,earch- r allyleb ve ahniedv eeqmueitnatb s dpersapcotincseisv,e s, tinudcleunsitil aleaders collaborated over a number of monthsCHALLENGE OF PRACTICE mpernotv aen. and wel-being wl icmprove.wteuldl-ebneti nagch wieilvl iem N LUSIVEHow do we improve system, school and classroomIpractices to effectively meet the needs of all learnersAllE V I T A R O BLEtobuildtheplanforimprovedstudentto raise the bar and close the gap in our goal areas StudentsT CTIONSof mathematics, literacy and well-being? TnAgRaGgeE iTnE eDvi dAeCnTceIO-bNasSedTHhEeOn sRyYst Oem lF AeCadTeIrOshNip EQUI ThHeEn sOyRsYte m lOFe AadCeTrshIOipN CAolRlaGboErTaEtiDvel Ay developachievement throughout HRCE. STRATEGY O L L A B C E aborative inquiry into teachingW TA W nd tionand facilitate jorbn-ienugr aolpyp roerstpuonnitsiievsef col creates coherence* across thesupports school administratorsmbedded a rengid welon, sl-tubedienng wt aicll ihimevpermoveen.t aThrough collaborative professionalism,scnhd looelas thadersht aip pre haracvtiincg a pes in HosiRtiCve Ea derstandingtes iacnhsetrrsu cint itohnal leir imeapdleemrse, anta porro tfeeasscihoenrasl o lena c cuultlturaly relevant and wel-being.abionudtstahned p aucrtpioosnesainnddi vnidatuuarlely o af nthd acnhd eievqeumitaebnlte l anedss woenl , intuclduesinvt elearning environments.educators will improve their knowledge and practiceimpact on student achievement I * Coherence is a shared depth of une e wspoercki ainl ltyheof culturaly responsivse, s-being instruction andm ain relation to inclusive and equitable education. pdreoncetifsy ases tnd ao shactiore en coxclelableonrcae tivewil improve. Cnod flaabcoilriatatitve joely db-eevmelboepdded OnNovember13,theRSSPwaslaunchedbetween and among schools. colectively. (Fulan) a f ofecshsoioonl aald lemairnniisntrg aotpoprs oortn unities Organize schools into Schoolporr s eadership skils colaborative professionalism. innsdtr auccttioionnal ls to strengthen quality with all HRCE principals. They will now shareWHERE TO START? Learning Communities to increasea aboratively develop and teaching and learning. 5 QUESTIONS TEACHERS 5 QUESTIONS TEACHERS Estadbelnish Lts Seeravd Licees Tarneianmg Ts aenamd s,SHNADR AECDC MOOUNNTITAOBRILINITGY SHNADR AECDC MOOUNNTITAOBRILINITGY Col ng with their staff and identify ways to align theCAN ASK STUDENTS1 CAN ASK THEMSELVES2 Stu A aboratively developedA aboratively developedim ement professional lea, srnciheoroslBusiness Teams for each SchoolUse a col f theUse col oppploinritunstraittioers fs, aonr tde saycshteemrs leadLearning Community.1. What are you learning? Why? 1. What am I teaching? Alocate learning resources syostneitmo rc iomnpdlietimonesn ttoatoilo tno oth alk- a -being and its relationship2. How are you doing? 2. Why am I teaching it? and funding to School Learningm clarsosruogh tom aoonls td so achnocohl wosr s focrh tohoel odnm welRSSP with their School Success Plan.3. How do you know? 3. How will I teach it? Communities so decision-making Rnedgi monaakle S atuddjuesnttm Seunctcse asssnPelaend edviusritpso asned o cf osnuvpeprosrattiniogn principals to student achievement.a pis a shared endeavor of the schoolinseiervveicme eonf tim anpdro wveinlg- bsetuing.dentasveermviceent ac h osfiimnsptrrouvcitniogn satlu ldeaendet rasc hinie4. How can you improve? 4. How will I know if students Principal and the Lead Learning Team.and wel-being.5. Where do you go for help? have learned it or not?5. What is next if this works?Look for stories about this collaborative workIf it doesnt work?RSSP LEAD TEAM SYSTEM LEADERSHIP & SUPPORTSWhere do I go for help?in coming reports.1 Lyn Sharratt, CLARITY: What matters MOST in Learning, Teaching and Leading (1st ed.). (California: Corwin, 2018), 59. 2 Sharratt, CLARITY, 61.Why?Success for ALL studentsis our responsibility.Inclusive Education PolicyHow are we preparing for the full implementation of the Inclusive Education Policy?EECDsfirstInclusive Education Policywillbeing and achievement of every student. principals and other system leaders about come into full effect in September 2020.the policys impact on practice to support Thisschoolyear,theCounciltoImproveall students.InclusiveEducationistheoverarchingClassroom Conditionsrecommendedasoft frameworkunderwhichallpolicies,launch of the policy. HRCEs Program andThe first professional learning sessions procedures,initiativesandstrategieswillSchool Administration staff are taking thewith principals were held on November fit.time to develop a deep understanding of20 and 21.Its a commitment to ensuring a high-quality,the foundational beliefs behind this policy.Why?culturally and linguistically responsive andAstheyearprogresses,staffwillbe equitableeducationtosupportthewell- providingprofessionaldevelopmentto A strongfoundation is essential to the success of all students.4 REGIONAL EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT | NOVEMBER 2019'